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Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing & New Timber Double Glazing are registered double glazing systems & are available only through authorised installers.

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Glazing is an important consideration when renovating or building. The correct glazing choice can ensure you are creating a more comfortable, sustainable environment suitable for both hot and cool weather.

With Thermawoods Retrofit & New Timber Double Glazing Systems you can:

  • Improve insulation by as much as 73%
  • Reduce energy expenses 
  • Reduce noise by as much as 70%
  • Reduce condensation for a drier, healthier home
  • Reduce UV damage to indoor soft furnishings
  • Improve security with options for Safety Glass
  • Add low E glass and argon gas for even greater benefits in terms of energy efficiency
  • Retain the character of your home
  • Ensure longer lasting wooden windows with our patented dry glazing system 
  • And more.